"I humbly adore the acts of the Most High, Who has given to the synthesizer what is better than a soul, so that, when it plays, the men are silent. And their hands cover their veils to hide their emotions. The troubles of life were pushing me into the tomb, but thanks to the synthesizer, God has given me back my life." Music and Arts Writer / Publicist / Copywriter / Radio Host / DJ http://soundcloud.com/martynpepperell The Hard Deck - Every Second Tuesday, 9-11pm NZL time, www.radioactive.fm martyn dot pepperell at gmail dot com


By now you should know the drill. Friday mornings New Zealand time, 8.15ish AM, Radio Active 88.6 FM (www.radioactive.fm if you’ve not in Wellington) and me and breakfast host Redbird Jr, or as I call him, Bird of Red, talking about some NEXT music, generally recieved via the unofficial channels we call the internet, the mysterious ways of life and beyond.

This week, we look at the closest thing I’ve had to a proper holiday so far this summer, the intoxicating new record by Moroccan music mystics Imanaren, as released by Dutty Artz. There is a lot of cool stuff to be said about this music, but I don’t want to spoil too much of the surprise in advance. Tune in! Tune in! 

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